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Rebels With A Cause

Rebels With A Cause
Stan Klos lecturing at the Republican National Convention's PoliticalFest 2000 Rebels With A Vision Exhibit  in Philadelphia's Convention Hall 
 Historic Documents of Freedom

This U.S. Founding initial touring exhibit premiered on July 3rd, 1999 at the Carnegie Institute’s Oakland Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Since then the exhibit and/or its artifacts have appeared in over fifty venues including: The American Philatelic Museum, MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Fairmont State University, NASA Classroom of the Future, James Madison’s Montpelier, The Smithsonian's American Presidency: A Glorious Burden,  West Virginia State Capitol, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, Virginia State Capitol, Louisiana State Capitol, Loyola University New Orleans, James Madison University, The Museum of Idaho, United States Capitol, the 2000, 2004 & 2008 Republican National Conventions, and the 2008  & 2016 Democratic National Conventions. 

Museum of Idaho's Rebels With A Cause Exhibit - Queen Charlotte and King George III Autograph Letters Signed

Currently, Rebels With A Cause artifacts are part of the Museum of Idaho's "America’s Revolution: Rebels with a Cause," which is currently open and it runs through November 26, 2016.

Museum of Idaho's Rebels With A Cause Exhibit - Signers of the Declaration of Independence

United Colonies Continental Congress President Peyton Randolph

United Colonies Continental Congress President Henry Middleton

Museum of Idaho's Rebels With A Cause Exhibit 1783 Treaty of Paris Document and Map

Capitals of the United Colonies and States of America

Sept. 5, 1774 to Oct. 24, 1774
May 10, 1775 to Dec. 12, 1776
Dec. 20, 1776 to Feb. 27, 1777
March 4, 1777 to Sept. 18, 1777
September 27, 1777
Sept. 30, 1777 to June 27, 1778
July 2, 1778 to June 21, 1783
June 30, 1783 to Nov. 4, 1783
Nov. 26, 1783 to Aug. 19, 1784
Nov. 1, 1784 to Dec. 24, 1784
New York City
Jan. 11, 1785 to Nov. 13, 1788
New York City
October 6, 1788 to March 3,1789
New York City
March 3,1789 to August 12, 1790
December 6,1790 to May 14, 1800
Washington DC
November 17,1800 to Present

Dr. Naomi Yavneh Klos hosting the Louisiana Primary Source Exhibit at the State Capitol Building for the 2012 Bicentennial Celebration.

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Museum of Idaho's Rebels With A Cause Exhibit - 1776 United States Lottery Ticket

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